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30 Aug 2012

Transition Network conference 2012 preview: No:7 – Chris Vernon on ‘Is Peak Oil Dead?’

The media has been awash with stories recently about the demise of peak oil, including the now widely critiqued announcement by George Monbiot that “we were wrong on peak oil“.  But were we?  Chris Vernon is one of the editors of the very popular Oil Drum website, as well as being active in Transition (and making an appearance on BBC Radio 4’s ‘In Business’ recently).  We asked him to tell us more about his workshop at the 2012 Transition Network conference, and why he looks forward to Transition Network conferences.

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Daniel Kenning
7 Sep 8:03am

In this introduction Chris makes a key point; that the claim that “peak oil doesn’t exist” is a red herring, because the “game changing event” has already happened; that was the peak in cheap and abundant oil. Whether the amount of expensive and hard-to-get unconventional oil can be argued to be large doesn’t diminish the significance of that underlying change. All the fracking and so on that we see is a response to peak oil, not a negation of peak oil. It’s at best a temporary cure, not a prevention.

7 Sep 11:15am

Could someone post the URLs of the other articles other than Monbiot’s?