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17 May 2013

Please help … some homework for the weekend …


We are currently making a short film to promote The Power of Just Doing  Stuff in advance of its publication next month.  And we really need your help.  We need short clips of you, or anyone, saying what the Power of Just Doing Stuff means to you/them.  You could film it on your phone, or any kind of video camera, but what we’re after is what you get out of doing practical projects rather than just sitting watching passively as the world unravels around you?  What kind of power do you feel you reclaim or discover through it?  Just one sentence, speaking to the camera, would be brilliant.  “Doing stuff makes me feel like we can change the world”, “doing stuff brings the world around me to life”, “doing stuff is far more fun than dusting my collection of celebrity thimbles” … things like that.

We need them by Tuesday next week (May 21st).  Please contact Emma Goude (emmagoude (at) and she can give you details of the DropBox account to upload it to.  We want to capture passion, spirit, vision.  Please help!  There, and you were just wondering how you were going to spend your weekend … thanks!

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Steph with no camera
20 May 4:15pm

I say to folks, you can watch TV for an hour, or you could plant a tree. The tree lives for say,a hundred years.In that time, it feeds & hosts habitat for thousands of critters, from bugs to birds & when it drops leaves, or disintegrates feeds thousands more. It generates oxegen, modifies wind & provides shade. It reproduces itself, maybe a hundred times over & they reproduce….An hour of your time echoes into eternity, how long are you here for?