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5 Jan 2006

Peak Oil MSc First Draft – Feedback Appreciated.

PumpAs you may know I am in the middle of doing an MSc, for which the dissertation will look at peak oil and how we engage communities in developing grassroots-led responses to it. There is a large gap in the peak oil literature in the area of how communities and organisations might be empowered to begin to design solutions. There is much thinking along these lines from areas as diverse as social change, transition management, community work, human evolutionary development, the anti-globalisation movement, spiritual thinking and eco-psychology that is relevant to this question. I have finished the **first draft of the first section** which is the literature review on peak oil. Inspired by Richard Heinberg‘s approach, I am putting it out there and inviting anyone who can be bothered to read it to offer comments and feedback, for which I would be very grateful. I will do likewise with drafts of the subsequent sections. You can access the document here. MSc Draft. Thank you for your time.