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11 Jan 2006

Interview on Global Public Media


You may be interested to hear an interview with me that was just posted on **Global Public Media**. You can either download it or listen to it straight off their site.

robTheir blurb says, *”Permaculture designer and instructor Rob Hopkins talks to David Room of Global Public Media about energy descent and the Kinsale Energy Descent Action Plan, which was conceived by Hopkins’ students at Kinsale Further Education College, edited by Hopkins, and approved by the Kinsale Town Council in Cork, Ireland”*. You can here the interview here.

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Andi Hazelwood
11 Jan 8:52pm

It makes me so happy to work for GPM when I get to process interviews like yours. I am inspired by the work you’ve done and continue to do, and I’ll watch this space for futher developments and ideas for my own sustainability goals! Thanks Rob.

Graham Strouts
11 Jan 9:47pm

Myself, Davie and Louise have just been huddled round the wireles like the old days listening to your GPM interview- excellent stuff, well done!