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20 Jan 2006

Jeremy Leggett’s Peak Oil in a Nutshell…

wellAs someone who always used to read the Guardian, I have to say that The Independent is really where it’s at these days. An excellent front page piece the other day about the reality of the cheap Chinese goods we now take for granted as we have dismantled all of our own manufacturing, and today, in a truly excellent, heartfelt and unusually indepth and deep article for a daily newspaper, What they don’t want you to know about the coming oil crisis, Jeremy Leggett told it like it is.

Without the need to give a happy ending, as in his book Half Gone, he brought the core message of the book up to date, including information about the Russian Government’s recent gas shenanigans, setting out the peak oil argument in a way that few have equalled. Essential reading, and The Independent should be applauded for putting this out there.

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24 Jan 1:38pm

Rob, great blog.

Just wanted to point out however that Leggett’s analysis in the Independent is available only to subscribers. I followed the link and was disappointed to read 5 paragraphs and then encounter the ‘Sign Up Now’ spiel.

Oh well.

24 Jan 3:24pm

Thanks for pointing that out, luckily our dear friends at EnergyBulletin have copied it to their site. You can now find it at