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20 Feb 2006

New Permaculture Activist focuses on Peak Oil

PC ActivistThe ever-wonderful **Permaculture Activist** magazine focuses on a particular aspect of permaculture in each issue. The latest edition, No. 59, focuses on peak oil. It contains a wealth of interesting material, some of which, such as Lisa Rayner’s article on Trauma Theory and my piece on Designing Energy Descent Pathways will already be familiar to TransitionCulture regulars, while there are many other insightful pieces such as Thom Hartmann’s exploration of the ‘something will save us’ mindset, and a very good piece on the lessons we can learn from Cuba. If you are interested in TransitionCulture-type stuff and don’t already subscribe to the Activist, do yourself a favour, you can do so either here or here.

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Jan Steinman
28 Feb 11:47pm

Look also to the Spring 2006 issue of Communities Magazine, which will have a Peak Oil theme.