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6 Apr 2006

Leading the Way – a half-day conference at Dartington.

turbineThe Totnes Sustainability Group is holding a half-day conference in May to launch a study it commissioned which looks at all the renewable energy options for South Devon and for the town of Totnes. It compiles a wealth of information that will be extremely useful to the Totnes Energy Descent Plan. Its findings are similar to those of Paul Mobbs in ‘Energy Beyond Oil’, who says that renewables, at max, could provide 40% of the nation’s energy, the rest needing to come from conservation. The figure the report produces for South Devon is closer to 30%. I will put the report itself on here when it is completed. The conference is by invite only, details below. I am one of the speakers, attempting to give an overview of peak oil and energy descent in 15 minutes!

**LEADING THE WAY – The Potential for Renewable Energy for the South Hams
Dartington Great Hall, Dartington Estate, Totnes, Devon.**
Monday May 8th 2006. 9am -1pm

dartingtonThere is high awareness in the South Hams of all aspects of the environment and sustainability. Totnes in particular has a tradition of promoting ‘green’ issues and now there is pressure to forge ahead with using locally produced renewable energy, as an alternative to costly national supplies. The issue of energy is now racing up everyone’s priorities, particularly in rural areas with high vehicle use, high house prices and lower rates of pay. We have the potential to use our land, water, sun and wind and waste.

The Totnes and District Sustainability Group took up an offer of funding from the Sustainable Development Fund of South Devon AONB to commission research into the best sources of renewable energy in the South Hams . We are now delighted to present the results of this important study, done by D.A.R.E ( Devon Association for Renewable Energy) , which shows how local potential can become reality.

hallThe half-day conference will be particularly useful to policy makers, managers and strategists in the public, private and voluntary sectors, especially those based in the South Hams. Local stakeholders can hear the findings of this new study and be involved from the start in a great effort towards making South Hams energy-sustainable, however, any study of energy should first refer to the potential of energy saving.

The recent Energy White Paper sets a national target of 10% electricity generated from renewable sources by 2010. North Devon District Council has committed itself to a renewable energy target on all new developments of 15% and the London Borough of Merton has gone further, proposing an annual increase in their targets of 5%. South Hams could look at following their models.

**For an invitation to the conference please apply to:**

Totnes and District Sustainability Group is a Working Group of Totnes MCTI

To find out more contact 01803 867416

This project has been supported by the South Devon AONB Sustainable Development Fund – a grant scheme that supports projects that bring social, environmental and economic benefit to the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). It aims to develop and test new methods of achieving a more sustainable way of life. Achieving sustainable development requires working towards four main goals at the same time:

o Social progress which meets the needs of everyone
o Effective protection of the environment
o Ensuring a diverse and prosperous rural economy
o Careful use of natural resources.

For further information please contact S. Devon AONB Unit, Follaton House, Totnes, TQ9 5NE or telephone 01803 861384

Support for this Conference has been gratefully received from the Dorothy Witney Elmhirst Trust.