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6 Apr 2006

Loose Change 2

lc2I want to draw your attention to a new film release that you really should see. **Loose Change 2nd Edition** was recently released, an updated and much improved version of the film about the events of 911 which originally came out last year. The film explores what critics might call a ‘conspiracy theory’ version of the events of 911, however the film makers take on and challenge this label. *”Conspiracy theory?”* they argue on the back of the DVD, *”it’s not a theory if you can prove it”*, and for my money they do a much better job of ‘proving it’ than the official version does.

Although peak oil has only been known to me since September 2004, it has of course been known about by the US Government for much longer. Richard Heinberg has written a brilliant piece for a forthcoming book called “The Case for Impeachment of Bush and Cheney” due in Summer 2006, which argues that the Bush administration has known about peak oil for years, and that it has driven foreign policy for many years, a point Mike Ruppert makes very clearly in his book Crossing the Rubicon. ‘Loose Change’ is the best film about the events of 9/11 yet produced, the film that Michael Moore’s ‘Fahrenheit 911’ should have been. Even if you don’t agree with it, it asks questions that will profoundly unsettle your ideas of what happened that day.

LCPosterWhy does this film matter? Well, if it is the case that 9/11 was an inside job (as this film alleges) it is clearly of the most profound importance, given the number of lives lost, communities destroyed, children maimed, amount of depleted uranium released, civil liberties removed, phones tapped, protests ignored, illegally held prisoners abused, and unjust laws enacted, all in the name of this event. For example would the UK be 3 years away from ID cards (I could weep) had it not happened ? If this historic event is not what it has been presented to us as, then we have every reason to question all that has happened in its name.

I am not saying that I know what happened that day, after all I live thousands of miles away from it. There are so many conflicting arguments, and many things we shall never know. However, this excellent and very powerful film has profoundly altered my concept of what happened, or has at least got me asking a very different set of questions than I would have asked before. You can buy it here, or you can watch it free online here. I watched online, then ordered 3 copies to pass around among friends, I was that impressed. Do yourself a favour, watch this film and question this pivotal moment in our collective history. Indeed, watch this film and then share your thoughts on it here…

PS. The argument that the official version of 911 is actually the conspiracy if explored in depth in a wonderful article by Gerard Holmgren (David’s brother), which I read years ago and loved, but could never find again. Thanks for Adam F at Energy Bulletin for helping me rediscover it.

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