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22 Jun 2006

Meg Wheatley on Peak Oil.

megwOn Wednesday 14th June I interviewed Meg Wheatley and asked her the 8 questions developed for the *Skilling Up for Powerdown* project. I also did a longer interview which focused more on Energy Descent Plans, which I’ll post as soon as I get it transcribed.

**Do you see Peak Oil as a crisis or an opportunity?**

I don’t see it as either. I see it as a lens, or mirror, that reflects what we really value in this culture. From that perspective it is neither an opportunity nor a crisis, but the first place I think we need to start is what does this show us about what we value, what does it show us about what we care about, what we’re willing to give priorities to. In that way, it’s a very powerful issue, because it’s so potent, you know, with prospects for a terrible future, or a more hopeful future, but it’s a very powerful way of looking at what we truly care about in this culture. If you could use it in that way then you could actually know how to reach more people, because you first get a sense of what is important to people, and then you could work more thoughtfully, “ok, how do we engage people in this issue, but from what they truly value

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22 Jun 7:39pm

Hi Rob,

I came across Meg Wheatley’s books and approaches to dialogue processes and tools while visiting Zimbabwe in March this year. Clearly she has a lot to offer in the realms of effective dialogue – something the Kufunda Learning Village there was able to show us, and which was the greatest lesson we received.

I suspect that we will begin to learn this skill of opening to each others points of view as we learn that we are inter-dependent players on a great stage – a lesson that is just beginning to sink into our Western consciousness due to global communications and the realities of a low energy future that is coming our way.

If you would like a copy of a wonderful Mapping Dialogue document we received from our friends in Zimbabwe, you can find a link to download it from here.

Thank you for your wonderful work, James