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7 Jul 2006

Life After Oil Course – Schumacher College.

**Life After Oil: Breaking the Habit. A Residential Course at Schumacher College, Devon, UK. November 12-24, 2006**
**Teachers:** David Fleming, Ron Oxburgh, Michael Meacher, Richard Heinberg.

oilI’d like to recommend a rather exciting course which is taking place on my doorstep in November, bringing a number of great speakers to Totnes. If you have never before done a course at Schumacher College, there could be few better places to start than this course. The press release for the course reads, “this unique two-week course brings together leading thinkers in the field to address Peak Oil issues from a variety of perspectives and backgrounds.

They’ll discuss questions such as: How did we become addicted to oil? Can the oil industry move down the road to a non-fossil fuel economy? What are the political dimensions of life with and after oil? To what extent can energy alternatives other than nuclear replace oil usage? How can we redesign our society to free ourselves from oil dependence?

schumacherSchumacher College is an international centre educating and inspiring for sustainability, which attracts course participants and teachers from around the world. It provides a holistic learning experience which includes physical work, meditation, discussions and walks, alongside the intellectual inquiry which forms the backbone of each course. It is based on the beautiful Dartington Hall Estate in south Devon.

**David Fleming** is author of Lean Logic: The Book of Environmental Manners, and is known for developing a form of energy rationing called Tradable Energy Quotas.

**Ron Oxburgh** was Chairman of Shell and is now active in campaigning for a less oil-dependent society.

**Michael Meacher** is a Labour MP and was previously Minister for the Environment.

**Richard Heinberg** is a journalist, educator and author of The Party’s Over: War and the Fate of Industrial Societies.

For further information visit our website **** or contact:

The Administrator, Schumacher College, The Old Postern, Dartington, Devon TQ9 6EA.
Tel: 01803-865934

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Avi Solomon
8 Jul 8:16pm

Schumacher college is a great ‘interactive’ retreat. I learned so much from the moments in between: Kitchen duty with Satish, walks around the college into Totnes, observing William’s wind-chimes, reading away in the library’s attic!