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10 Jul 2006

Schumacher Cover Art Discovered!

pankYou may remember the recent Meg Wheatley competition where you were asked to decide from a list of choices what Schumacher College was named after. One of the incorrect answers was a fictional German prog rock band called Schumacher, whose classic album was called ‘Luminous Pancake Terror’. Last weekend as Emma and I wandered around the Tate Gallery in St. Ives, looking at an incomprehensible exhibition by the artist John Hoyland, we found a painting that would without a doubt, have been the cover of that album. If ever there was a cover for an album called ‘Luminous Pancake Terror’, that was it. Goodness knows what else it could be. Any suggestions?

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1 Comment

David Johnson
10 Jul 7:43am

I see a tongue sticking out of a mouth. Not sure what the psychologists would say about that?!