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17 Aug 2006

Transition Culture Reaches a Milestone.

btI know this might not be something that excites many of you out there, but **Transition Culture** just passed a major landmark which I would like to share with you. Since the site began last November, the traffic has steadily increased, but for the last couple of months it has bobbled around under the 1000 visitors a day level, rather like the price of petrol in the UK, which has stuck below the psychological £1 a litre level for the last few months, at 99.99 pence, only now to start breaking through. Yesterday, however, we had 1075 visitors, a record for the site, and the first time we have broken the 1000 visitors a day barrier.

This feels like some kind of a minor triumph (despite there being something hugely anally retentive about stats watching) and it is great to have reached it before our first birthday. Thanks for visiting folks, and for helping to make this site what it is. Hopefully in the same way that the rising price of petrol is actually a good thing in that it focuses the mind and stimulates creative thinking, the same thing could be said of **Transition Culture**’s stats! May they both continue to ascend, intertwined, in glorious syncronicity, for many years to come.

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17 Aug 8:16pm

Congratulations! This is a wonderful blog and great service you provide. I know it takes a ton of work and time, and want to let you know it is making an difference and thank you.

18 Aug 6:39am

My thanks too, Rob. I agree with everything Jill says; it’s a great info source and a real inspiration.

18 Aug 12:38pm

Congratulations! Your blog has been on my daily reading list for a while now and will continue to be so. Thank you for your hard work and inspiration.

Nicholas Harvey
18 Aug 5:39pm

Fantastic work, Rob. Congratulations and thanks for all your information, wisdom, inspiration and humour. I was in cold turkey while you were away!

20 Aug 2:39pm

First place I go every day when I log on – and like Nicholas I was suffering ‘withdrawal symptoms’ when you were on hols! Your site was a big help to me for a recent OU course too (all properly referenced naturally).

Go raibh mile maith agat.

Moshe Braner
21 Aug 4:40pm

Thanks for the blog and especially the ASPO reports!

22 Aug 3:31pm

Truly bravo. Keep up the important work.

Congratulations and thank you for your most informative blog. I love your positive vocabulary in communicating energy descent. You’re an inspiration and a resource.