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22 Sep 2006

The Heart and Soul of the Transition Town Totnes initiative takes flight.

ttt1 This weekend sees the first course run by the first Transition Town Totnes group, which calls itself **Heart and Soul – the Psychology of Change**. The group is exploring the psychological aspects of the post-peak transition, how to facilitate peoples’ collective journey through this transition. Focalised by Hilary Prentice and Sophy Banks, they have designed a programme of events for the next 3 months, including a launch evening on Tuesday October 17th.

Of their focus, they write;

>Rob Hopkins has talked of the ‘Head Heart and Hands’ of Peak Oil, and the ‘heart’ process is getting under way. The change from an unsustainable to a sustainable human presence on this planet arguably involves a big shift in human consciousness, a big ‘change of heart’. Joanna Macy has called this work ‘The Great Turning’, Thomas Berry calls it ‘The Great Work’ that faces the generations alive today.A few of us have met a bit already to start to think and plan about that part of Transition Town Totnes that has to do with our hearts and souls; about the feelings that the kinds of change we face may stir up.

>What is it actually like to be human, alive and awake at this time in the history of the planet, the history of humanity? What is it really like to live within, and inevitably be part of, our current global economic system? What of our dreams and visions, fears and angers, grief, passion and inspiration? What may motivate us to creatively transform how we live, and equally, what tends to ‘shut us down’ and reach for comfort instead? How are we shaped by the society we live in, and also how does what lies within us in turn lead to the society we create together?

>Perhaps most importantly, what structures or processes do we need to create to support us in both the practical work ahead, and in the ‘change of heart’ on which that work rests? Will we learn things we will be able to share with other communities engaged in a similar process?

Their first event is September 23rd – 24th and is a weekend workshop called **’Waking the Dreamer’**, which they describe thus…

Sophie Banks will be leading a weekend workshop on ‘waking from the dream of the North’, which the Pacha Mama Alliance in Ecuador have asked us to find ways to do. This is Sophie’s offering, using ‘Ecoconstellations’, a recent development from ‘Family Constellations’ work, and energy work. In Family Constellations work people usually bring questions about the human system within which they dwell, and humans are represented in the constellations; in Ecoconstellations broader questions may be brought, and beings other than humans are represented in the constellations. See attached flyer, and contact Sophie for more information. Foxhole, Dartington.

Other upcoming events are as follows;

Tuesday October 17th, 7.30 – 10pm. **Launch proper of the ‘Heart and Soul’ Group**.

Do come along if you are interested in finding out about this side of the process, and hopefully in getting involved. There will be music – Andy Barnes ‘that big beautiful bass’ from Glorious Chorus will sing, perhaps more. We will also share some of our thinking so far, offer a short thinking/feeling process, and look forward to hearing from you about your thoughts and feelings, ideas questions and inspiration. Methodist Church Hall, Totnes.

Sat Oct 28th. 2.00 – 6.00pm. **The Truth Mandala; an afternoon of sharing**.

mandalaThis is a process or ceremony drawn from what Joanna Macy used to call ‘Despair and Empowerment’ work, and now calls ‘The Work that Re-Connects’. Rainforest activist John Seed and others also call it ‘Deep Ecology’. It is a place where our thoughts and feelings about what is afoot with our planet may be brought, including the more painful feelings that it can seem there is nowhere we can safely share, for fear of ‘bringing others down’. However in this safe and held space, the speaking of our truth can release the energy that has been used to suppress these feelings, build strong human community, and help us see clearly what we need to do. Joanna Macy has said ‘Truth is like oxygen; we need it to breath’.
It will be facilitated by Hilary Prentice, an ecopsychologist and psychotherapist with years of experience in this work. Music Room, Foxhole, Dartington.
Please arrive on time – can’t really join this halfway through. Donations only to cover cost of room. Contact Hilary 01364 631033 or – please let me know if you are coming so I have an idea of numbers beforehand.

November 4th & 5th. **’Ecopsychology in Practice’.**

mjA weekend workshop for Counsellors, Psychotherapists and Psychologists with Mary Jayne Rust, a Jungian Analyst, Art Therapist, and experienced Ecopsychologist, coming especially from up country! How do all these ‘earth’ issues arise – or not – in our work with clients, and how best to work with them. What would a ‘green’ psychology really look like? Takes place at Foxhole, Dartington.
Organiser David Gillingham 01803 865572, or contact Mary Jayne.

**Future Planned Events.**

**Change the Dream Symposium; Fulfilling the Prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor**. Also inspired by the work of the Pacha Mama Alliance. To be facilitated by Janie Francis and Matthias Gruendler. Date and venue tbc.

Perhaps a Heart and Soul Open Space event, as a very open structure for everyone to explore and feed in/develop ideas and possibilities of where we may need to go next. One idea is the setting up of small support/sharing/consciousness raising groups locally. So please do come to the ‘launch’ on Oct 17th with your ideas and input.

Current contacts for Heart and Soul group;
Hilary Prentice 01364 631033
Sophie Banks 01364 652342

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Cat Artright
17 Sep 5:02pm

I was wondering if this has a connection to Rudolf Steiner? The head heart hands quote is anthroposophical isn’t it?
Thanks, Cat