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5 Oct 2006

An Enticing Taste of Albert Bates

albert bI was fortunate enough the other day to get my eager sweaty paws on the nearly finished draft of Albert Bates’ forthcoming masterpiece, The Post-Petroleum Survival Guide and Cookbook – Recipes for Changing Times. It is really the book you’ve been waiting for, a practical, optimistic guide to life beyond the peak. It is due to hit the shelves in early October, and it is really worth waiting for. It will be reviewed at **Transition Culture** nearer the time (once I’ve finished George Monbiot’s new book). In the meantime as a taster, you might enjoy a great interview with Albert Bates that was broadcast on Nashville’s Liberadio. In it he gives a very good introduction to peak oil for beginners, what he calls ‘Peak Oil lite’. Hopefully it will leave you eager to get your hands on the book when it emerges.

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