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30 Oct 2006

Exclusive to Transition Culture! An Interview with Paul Mobbs

**“Less is a Four Letter Word

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Ben Boyd
31 Oct 1:58am

FUN! What a concept! Paul seems to have his feet firmly planted on the ground. I liked his take overall. I just hope it’s possible to have a bit of fun when the turning comes full force.

The Problem with LETS

Via the blog Transition Culture an interview with Paul Mobbs, known for his i…

David Johnson
31 Oct 10:29am

Thank you for posting this interview Rob. It is good to hear from someone who knows his “stuff” and is not just being fed by emotion (stop pointing fingers at me 🙂

All prompted by good questions!

Kate Dooley
20 Nov 4:57pm

Very intersting interview and a lot of good thoughts from Paul. There is only one point where I think he is way off the mark – he says “efficency won’t cut it, we have done all the efficiency measures and noe we are stuffed”.
If only that were true! Hopefully it will be very soon, and then we can move onto “less” but unfortunatly at the moment most people are still struggling to get thier insulation done and find low energy lightbulbs that will fit thier requirements. These are the very first and very easy steps. The sooner we stop debating the effectivemss of energy efficiency, but just do it and move on, the better.

[…] Nevertheless, growing awareness of Global Warming, Peak Oil, Gas, and Uranium, and energy security worries are leading to broad interest in alternative energy among people who do not fit the typical aggressive speculator profile of people who can shrug off a 50% loss in a single holding over a short period of time. The Blue-Chip Solution […]