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21 Feb 2007

John Croft’s Dragon Dreaming Presentations.

croftThe essence of John Croft’s **Dragon Dreaming** approach is contained in his two powerpoints, one called Successful Projects, an Introduction to Dragon Dreaming: a “Framework for Creating Outrageously Successful Projects”, which sets out the basic model and how it works, and the second, The Next Level, “Adding Complexity to the Basic Dragon Dreaming Model” which adds another layer to the model. Looked at in the right order they give a good sense of what the process is about.

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croft nee clozel
22 Feb 12:50am

Thank you for your site. I stumbled while looking for John Croft’s specific Email address for the purpose of the Burrup Peninsula’s stressed artwork.
If humanity in general and your network in particular needs a symbol, what better one for transitional culture than art work conceived by man at a time of climate change, 20,000 years ago, encroached by all manner of gas processing plants explosives and poachers?

3 Dec 9:56pm

Dear John,
We met in Sieben Linden.
I would love to follow your training – or better yet – that you come to Vlierhof to give a training here.
Vlierhof is situated on the Dutch/German border, 15 km from the university town of Nijmegen, 110 km from Amsterdam.

Our vision is:
The world belongs to no one in particular.
It is the place for humanity and all life.
Where people live, work and learn together out of love.

With love,