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12 Jun 2007

Chris Skrebowski at Food and Farming in Transition.

totAt last night’s **Food and Farming in Transition** evening at Dartington Hall, of which I shall write more soon, Chris Skrebowski, editor of the Petroleum Review and author of the Megaprojects reports, gave a talk which used a powerpoint which he had to zip through quite fast. I promised that the presentation would be made available here, so here it is. I am also working on Jeremy Leggett’s, which is an enormous file and I am trying to reduce to a manageable size. Anyway here is Chris’s presentation, an opportunity for all you peak oil anoraks to update your presentations with the latest graphs!

Categories: General, Peak Oil

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Tom Atkins
12 Jun 9:18am

I like the fireplace behind him – I take it the lecture wasn’t in a passive house!

David Taylor
13 Jun 4:12pm

Powerpoint? Microsoft? You must be joking, surely!