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27 Jun 2007

The Importance of Resilience and the History of Totnes – a Short Film.

Alex Munslow has been editing again, doing marvellous things with the footage he took at the Inaugural Transition Network meeting a few weeks back. This time, he has taken a section out of the talk I gave which focuses on resilience, and on the historical resilience that used to underpin the UK that we have largely dismantled, and made a short film out of it, which you can now see on YouTube. Just click on the image above, and off I go!

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Paul Chariter
27 Jun 7:53pm

Have been reading your site for a few months now. Sure wish it would catch on here in Canada. Thought you might be interested in this link. Very similar to what the video was about. You may already know about this, but I thought I would send it anyway.

Mary-Anne Cameron
28 Jun 9:26am

Thank you so much for this encouraging site. I live in Sydney (inner city) and have recently purchaced some chickens from an innovative business man. See this website for a good idea and a good laugh.