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28 Jun 2007

The 12 Steps of Transition – The Movie(s).

**The 12 Steps of Transition** are really central to the whole Transition process, and have been documented here in the past. Now, thanks to Alex Munslow’s inexhaustable one-man editing empire, we can now present two films which, combined, present the 12 Steps in all their glory, using material from the TN event in Nailsworth. The first one (above) is of Steps 1-6, and the second (below) is Steps 7-12. Combined they hopefully take you on a journey through the steps that can be assembled in a variety of ways to get your Transition process going successfully. Many thanks to Alex for making these available. Where would we be without YouTube? Who ever needs television ever again? (indeed, who ever needed it in the first place?).

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27 Sep 4:59am

Thank you for a great introduction/overview of a transition to a truly grassroots democratic post-consumerist sustainable community.