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29 Jun 2007

Buy a Totnes Pound and Help Maximise Its Potential.

tpThe Totnes Pound project is now launched, and is, by all accounts, doing rather well. 10,000 notes have been printed and will be sold into circulation, and rather nice they are too. They have all kinds of security features, UV light, heat sensitive ink and so on, and it will be seen if and how they become truly adopted as the currency of choice in the town. Apart from some financial help with the printing of the notes, the Totnes Pound initiative is unfunded, and entirely dependent on volunteer input. For people outside the town who would like to get their hands on some of these historic notes, we have put together a **Presentation Pack**, comprising a Totnes Pound note and a copy of the detailed information leaflet about the scheme, which we can offer for sale here at **Transition Culture**. Simply click the Totnes Pound link to the right or click here. The funds generated will be well used maximising the potential of the scheme. For an insight into the potential of such a scheme, you might enjoy this short film about Berkshares in the US. Get your hands on a piece of history!