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2 Jul 2007

Are Good Bloggers Born Or Made?

gsTwo years ago, I’m sure I didn’t know what a blogger was. Certainly someone introducing themselves as such would have been a bit of a cause for alarm… Setting up this site and learning the ropes was a steep learning curve, and I guess that now, having been voted Britain’s 12th Best Green Blog I can claim to have got the hang of it to some extent.
I have been following with interest the blogging progress of my friend Graham Strouts who now publishes, it can be said that he is really finding his blogging feet now, having started posting some really good stuff, and having mastered the art of regular posting.

His subject matter is similar to my own, yet with a unique twist and an Irish flavour. Graham took over teaching the Permaculture course in Kinsale when I left, and his blog often covers things that have happened within the college, as well as in his garden and in the wider world of communicating peak oil to communities across the land.

Some of my favourite postings include Ireland on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown which takes to bits the Irish Government’s recent publicly declared belief that great untapped oil reserves lie off the Irish coast, his latest one about the wonders of bamboo, and the one I loved was his musings on the last day of term in Kinsale, which made me feel all nostalgic and wistful for what has to be the best job in Ireland. Do keep an eye on, it is developing into one of the important blogs in this field.

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Andi Hazelwood
15 Jul 12:37am

You’ve likely already been nominated as a “Blogger for Positive Global Change” several times over, but I just thought I’d let you know that I’ve nominated you as well after having been nominated myself. Your work is inspiring and exciting and I can’t wait to see where it leads. Thank you for the inspiration.