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4 Jul 2007

Energy Descent Plans on Global Public Media.

You may be interested to listen to an interview I did with Global Public Media last week, as part of a piece about Energy Descent Plans. I’m not sure quite how coherent it was, as it was done at 4pm US time which was, unfortunately, 7am here, and I had just woken up, hence my somewhat huskier-than-usual voice. It is worth a listen, aside from hearing what I sound like at 7am, to hear the first question Andi from GPM asked me, and imagine yourself being asked that question when you’ve just woken up! Anyway, hopefully it is an interesting piece, and Global Public Media is a wonderful resource. I won’t be posting anything here for a few days, as I have the extraordinary good fortune to be marrying, this weekend, my love of the past 17 years. One should never rush into marriage I always think, and should get to know the other person first! Please pray for sunshine. Back next week.

Categories: Peak Oil, Transition Towns

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4 Jul 6:01pm


Stephen Watson
4 Jul 7:04pm

May the sun shine on you both 🙂

4 Jul 7:13pm

wishing you a very happy day and a sustainable marriage, congrats!

Andi Hazelwood
4 Jul 10:39pm

Congratulations on your wedding, Rob!

Even at 7am you managed to sound very informative! Agreed, that first question was a doozy. When we talk again next week I’ll start off a little bit slower so we can cover things in more depth!

And by the way, it was 4pm where I am in Australia, it would’ve been the middle of the night US time! Though if the interview was conducted by someone in the US, it could’ve been scheduled for a much more reasonable time for both of you! Sorry about that 😉

Looking forward to doing it all over again- and again, best wishes for your new life as a married man!

Andi Hazelwood
Global Public Media