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7 Feb 2008

Transition, Energy Descent Plans and Relocalisation in Australia.

**Sonya Wallace** in Sunshine Coast in Australia (Australia’s first Transition Town) just sent me a link to an interview that she did on Wonderful World Media Network which explores the relocalisation process happening there, and how their Energy Descent Plan process is going. The quality of the recording isn’t that great, indeed it does sound rather like listening into the Apollo landings at a time when the conversation moved away from booster rockets to peak oil and local currencies, but it is well worth a listen. Great to hear what people are up to there.

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viarnne mischon
11 Feb 12:31pm

Hi Team
Just following up some web stats and it brought me to your site re the podcast for Sonya Wallace. We have had some on-going technical difficulties with phone interveiws of late, hence the ‘Apollo landing’ quality… sorry about that, but thanks for the post! Great site you have here and hope you tune in to WWMN from time to time – not all phone ins sound like talking to the moon!
Exec Producer