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10 Mar 2008

Caroline Lucas on Peak Oil, Food and the Launch of The Transition Handbook

Last Thursday in Bristol saw the formal launch of The Transition Handbook, at an event that was also Green Books‘ 21st birthday party. Before I spoke, a DVD was shown of a presentation that Caroline Lucas MEP had sent as she was unable to make it in person. In it she describes the Transition movement as “the most exciting, most hopeful, most inspirational movement happening in Britain today”.

The Transition Handbook is available to order here.

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Helen Loughrey
10 Mar 6:28pm

This is a recipe book I look forward to using a lot! Today’s conversion shows a US dollar at less than half a pound! Ouch – but worth it anyway in my opinion.
For what it’s worth, I also sent a copy of Strout’s review of your book to Maryland’s Governor O’Malley.
Best wishes.

Jason Cole
10 Mar 10:42pm

It’s so good that Caroline “gets it”, in practically every dimension.

For the past few years I have vociferously argued that people refrain from using the term “Peak Oil Theory” because it is far from such a thing. So naturally I felt very vindicated by the statement:

“When I wrote to the European Commission last year asking them how they were planning to tackle Peak Oil and take it into account in their policy making, they replied saying that Peak Oil was only a theory, and that therefore, it wasn’t something they were actively considering.”

Matthew Fairtlough
24 Jun 12:27am

Would it be possible to link to a transcript of her talk? That might be very useful for deaf readers of your blog! If it is of any use, I’ve made a transcript for my own use, since I realise that her words may be copyright and not for wider reproduction.