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26 Mar 2008

Rowan’s Findhorn Blog Day 5

rdToday I had a lie-in until about 12 it was lush I feel revitalised, today I’m going to do my blog slightly differently to normal:
Today I am going to do the day in thirteen different steps.

  1. Sleep.
  2. Sleep again.
  3. And a bit more for good measure.
  4. Wake up at about 12 and stumble into a freezing shower
  5. I am now fully awake (the shower helped, it reminded me of being hit in the :— by a ball).
  6. Breakfast. For breakfast I munched once again on a refreshing bowl of apple and cornflakes, Mmmm, seriously it is quite nice.
  7. I then headed to the Universal Hall for some Open Space; it was cool by the way.
  8. The first bit was how to do public speaking; which was cool. Although and I learnt some new tic tacks.
  9. The second was how to bring the youth involved, obviously I am a youth and I am involved but many are not so if your reading this go out and pick up some rubbish and do eco stuff like.. Ye just improvise something.
  10. I then tried to do my washing,
  11. I find out I need soap things and tokens, sssh yep that really went well.
  12. I then go to have food.
  13. I got there a bit late and there for my meal consisted of a very appetising dish of brown rice and carrots covered in a liquid resembling gravy, the word ‘mank’ just would not do it justice and it tasted like something that had congealed in a gutter somewhere.

By the way the pic is of the drama thing yesterday.
Thx for comments yall. Lol I met an American who spoke like that and I laughed and he didn’t talk to me again… oh well.

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Tracey Todhunter
27 Mar 8:43am

Hi Rowan,
It looks like you are having fun and learning new stuff. Having a blog like this is one way to have a conversation with younger people (saying “young” implies I’m old and I don’t feel old!)
I am hoping to visit Findhorn someday soon so I’m following your comments about the food – very important the food is good and tasty.
Keep up the blogging.

Stephen Watson
27 Mar 9:18am

I laughed out loud over my morning museli reading point 13! I hope the cooks aren’t reading. or maybe they should …

mke grenville
29 Mar 6:28pm

don’t take Rowan’s comments about the food at Findhorn too seriously. I susecdt his ‘a bit late’ was probably very late and maybe not much was left as it was all so delicious and had been eaten. All the others I spoke to at the conference agreed that the food was both plentiful and delicious. It was also nearly all local and seasonal and most evidently cooked with much love. How I didn’t put on masses of weight over the week I have no idea.