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27 Mar 2008

Rowan’s Findhorn Blog Day 6

baconToday was quite a relaxed day and mainly comprised sleep, in or out of talks. The day started off to another bowl of the ever-neutralising apple and cornflakes bathed in milk. We then headed to the first session where this dude was talking about community owned sustainable energy systems, yep pretty break through stuff, whoop whoop whoop.

The second session was my Dad. The third was.. Nah I’m just kidding I am gunner talk about my Dads session, well if I was there I would have, but I wasn’t.

Okay so on to the third session; Ummm, I was in bed, then I went for a walk and then dropped in on the last bit of some random dudes talk, I have absolutely NO idea what on earth he was bantering on about but I was there for two minutes and went to noddy land (I fell asleep).

For the last sesh I went for a quite stroll along the beech. It was very windy. The day ended with me buying some bacon and then going to supper at which we had a lovely Indian. Tomorrow is my last post, so ill appreciate any comments.
Thx Rowan

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28 Mar 3:58pm

Sounds like a lovely day, Rowan. I’ve got a 14 year old son myself, so I understand your focus on food and sleep. Pleasant dreams!

Caroline Walker
29 Mar 12:46pm

Thanks Rowan for your funny and perceptive blog. It made me laugh – and think! I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts.