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22 Sep 2008

Lewes Pound Launch Talks Available to View

Thanks to that great Transition film-maker Alex Munslow, the talks from the night of the Lewes Pound launch are now available.  The Lewes Pound is developing into a fascinating story, and although I did my best to try and capture the spirit of the night, these films capture it far better, in particular the last one, with the Mayor officially launching it.  So here they are, in the order they came on the evening….

Part Two here.

Stewart Wallis of the New Economics Foundation

Rob Hopkins: Transition Network

Polly Toynbee: The Guardian

The Mayor of Lewes Launches the Pound….

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22 Sep 7:33pm

Thanks Rob and Alex for documenting so well this historic event. The latest news is that all 10,000 Lewes Pounds have been bought and people are loving and cherishing them so much that they don’t seem to want to spend them – you can’t get them for love or money!(That and ebay’s temporary rendering of the money worth £30).

The Lewes Pound group has taken the plunge and we’re printing a lot more so that we can get this community experiment on the road (partly so others can copy us and leapfrog into their own local successes). The stories already abound as LPs are sought after as pocket money, given away as prizes by the Football Club and yes, there is one person who is planning to try to live on Lewes Pounds. Dreams really do come true.

Josef Davies-Coates
24 Sep 10:37pm

Well done to all concerned and thanks Alex for filming the event 🙂

The Lewes Pound will no doubt make money circulate more before it leaves the town (I used to work at new economics foundation and did some of the research for the Plugging the Leaks project).


Since LPs are redeemable by businesses for Sterling, the money will still eventually leave nevertheless.

Are there plans to make the Lewes Pound non-exchangable to sterling at some point in the future? or not? and either way, why?

Josef Davies-Coates
24 Sep 10:39pm

Rob, have you played with playlists on youtube?

You can use them to embed numerous parts of a longer video together 🙂

Polyanna Explosion
25 Sep 10:35am

“Thanks Rob and Alex for documenting so well this historic event.”

Nice to see see that Yoda is alive, well and playing economist.

This is the sort of language up with which we will not put!

25 Sep 5:14pm

Have you heard about the Liberty Dollar?