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29 Sep 2008

Today’s Transition Chat! The Transition Timeline.

The Transition Timeline. Establishing the assumptions underpinning our Energy Descent Planning. Hosted by Shaun Chamberlin, author of the Transition Timeline.  Today at 2pm over at Transition Chat!

The Transition Timeline is a tool for the Transition communities starting to grapple with preparing their local Energy Descent Plans.  The first version is nearing completion, and should be made available next month, and it is intended as an ongoing interactive project.

It lays out the global context of peak oil and climate change in some detail and then considers the Transition Vision of how the UK could develop over the next 20 years within that context, looking at the key areas which local subgroups have tended to form around, such as food, transport, electricity generation, health and so forth.

In doing this it aims to lay out the ‘landscape’ on which individual Transition Initiatives are developing, and help inform how their local Energy Descent Plan will sit within the national and global context.  As it is a tool for Transition communities I have been working closely with a number of Transitioners while developing it, and am keen to hear from as many of you as possible as to what would be helpful.

Categories: Localisation, Peak Oil

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Shaun Chamberlin
29 Sep 4:04pm

Thanks to everyone who came and took part in the Chat earlier this afternoon.

One idea that came up for the attention of the Transition Network is whether we could have some sort of database of projects begun by Transition communities that have developed into ambitious/successful projects? For example, information on how to go about undertaking a local currency project or renewable energy cooperative, based in the experience of those who are doing it.

I believe the full transcript of the Chat will be archived, including the various interesting links that came up in the conversation. Rob, perhaps you can advise as to how we can access that, as “Neckie” requested that the links be copied into a comment here for later perusal.


Josef Davies-Coates
29 Sep 5:21pm

Yes, info on transcript archive details would be great.


Theresa Carter
30 Sep 2:13pm


Was there a problem with access at some stage? I logged on to a blank screen with no rooms available yesterday.



Shaun Chamberlin
30 Sep 4:04pm

Nobody mentioned any access problems, but maybe that’s because nobody who experienced them managed to get in!? Did anyone else out there have problems?

We had a very active discussion from 2pm-3:45pm UK time and a number of people were logging in throughout from all over the world, so perhaps it was just a glitch that affected you Theresa, or a problem with your computer/browser? Are you able to log on to the system now?

Tamzin Pinkerton
1 Oct 8:14pm

In response to the idea for the network to collate info on Transition projects – this is exactly what we’re currently working on for the upcoming Transition Guide to Food (to be published next year) that will hopefully be followed by guides on other relevant issues (economics, psychology of change etc). In my research I’m gathering all info related to food projects across the movement. I agree it would be great to have it in a continually updated (wiki?)database accessable to all – I’d be happy to share my findings if such a project got off the ground.


Theresa Carter
1 Oct 9:28pm

Yes Shaun, I can get in now.

When I joined Monday I gave a user name and the screen had no room options or list of users. It was just empty with no options available. It was between 2 and 3pm.

Did anyone else from Ireland log on? Davie perhaps?

Chris Harmer
3 Oct 11:40am

Further to Tamzin’s comments on some form of Groups network, we discussed exactly this in Stroud yesterday evening. We were excited to hear about Appropedia, which can enable us to network transition techniques in a broad international way, but we need a more local way of networking between groups in our various transition initiatives which are working in essentially the same areas. Jointly, we could make a lot more progress than each inventing the same wheel. Perhaps the Network could compile a list of groups and contact info so that we can kick this off: perhaps as Yahoo or Google groups??
For myself, for example, I would love to know if there are other groups looking at waste issues.

Best wishes, Chris Harmer – Transition Stroud Waste Group.