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6 Oct 2008

The Transition Movie: an Update from Emma Goude

Chris Watson and Emma Goude, producers of The Transition Movie, out filming in Totnes.

Chris Watson and Emma Goude, producers of The Transition Movie, out filming in Totnes.

I have asked Emma if she might do a regular blog here to keep you up to date with the Transition Movie and how you might get involved… here is her first post:

We’ve had 18 responses to the call for people to get involved with the Transition Movie. Some are professional film makers, some amateurs and some brave souls who’ve never done any filming before. This is a great start. Only 3 people have expressed an interest in the training though. We’re assuming this is because you’re all so experienced.

Now we’d like you to think about what you actually want to say. Any documentary has to have a voice and a story. When you focus the lense on a particular area, you are saying ‘Look at this!’ So what are you going to show in the film? Who are you going to interview to represent the things that you want to say about transition? And what projects do you want to show that physically demonstrate transition in action?

Here’s some questions that you could ask yourselves: what does transition mean to you? What’s your vision for the future? What are your obstacles? How do you engage the mainstream? What was your seminal moment when you woke up to the need for transition? How does transition in your area reflect your own internal state of transition? There are many more questions you could ask.

This film is a unique opportunity to tell the world about transition. What we need now is a strong and passionate voices to come through. You can’t just go and film lots of meetings and events and hope for the best…know what you’re trying to say and then ration your filming to capture that. Perhaps you might hone in on a specific project that will capture the audience’s attention. It might have some suspense and keep people watching to the end because you’ve set it up in such a way that they can’t wait to find out how it all turns out.

The next step for us is to reach out to the wider network and find out what’s happening in your local area. We will be phoning around, poking around, sniffing out some great stories and projects. We’re particularly looking for a powerful transport story. So if there are any that you know of, tell us about it!

Helpline: 01803 863928 mornings only
Emma Goude

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