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21 Oct 2008

The 2008 Schumacher Award

I was deeply honoured last week to be the recipient of the 2008 Schumacher Award.  It is, as much as anything, a huge recognition of the amazing work you are all doing across the world trying out this simple set of principles and tools.  When it was presented at the Schumacher Lectures in Bristol, I dedicated it to everyone active in Transition, without whom it would all just be a collection of ideas.  So although this beautiful wooden award will reside at Transition Towers (and no, it’s not like the FA Cup as some have asked, I don’t have to give it back next year) it partly belongs to all of you, so well done.  At least they spelt my name right, unlike the Independent’s Top 100 Environmentalists, where I was very flattered to come 77th, but they spelt my name wrong (Hoskins indeed….!).  It is great to see this work starting to appear on peoples’ radars.

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Kamil Pachalko
21 Oct 8:43am

Fits in well with the dreaming, planning, doing, CELEBRATING of our work. Congratulations and back to work:)

21 Oct 8:53am

Congratulations Rob, richly deserved!

21 Oct 10:04am


21 Oct 6:35pm

Congratulations Rob-and you’re selling yourself short here-you came 76th…..

22 Oct 1:50am

Congratulations from Australia! This is very well deserved.
And if I’m not very much mistaken, by leaning the certificate against the trophy, you’ve got yourself a prototype chicken greenhouse…

[…] BRISTOL (GB), 21 oktober – De Britse permacultuur-activist Rob Hopkins, bedenker van het Transition Towns-concept, ontving vandaag de Schumacherprijs 2008. De prijs is vernoemd naar de kleinschaligheidseconoom E.F. Schumacher (1911-1977). Hopkins droeg de prijs direct op aan iedereen die actief betrokken is bij de Transition-beweging: ,,Zonder hen zou mijn bijdrage uit niet meer bestaan dan een verzameling ideeën”. […]

22 Oct 4:32pm

Congratulations Rob !

You are the single person I know on this list (with prince Charles and the Queen mother of course). I’m not british but I was surprised not to find Georges Monbiot, Ted Goldsmith or even Lovelock…

Graham Burnett
22 Oct 6:40pm

Congratulations Rob, I hope you wore your slug-skin kex to the award ceremony!

[…] the rest of this newsletter to Rob Hopkins, Founder of the Transition Movement.  He received the 2008 Schumacher award last week, and you can click here to read his most recent assessment of the economic/energy […]