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28 Oct 2008

Transition Network Newsletter now online

It has long been a source of frustration that Transition Network has been unable to produce a regular newsletter of some kind to enable Transitionistas of various hues to keep in touch with each other and with events, news and developments across the network. Now we need no longer bemoan its non-existence, as Transition Network News is now here!  Mike Grenville of Transition Forest Row has nobly stepped into the breach and taken on the task of ensuring that once a month, you all can get a nutritious Transition snack, a satisfying digest of all that is good and delicious out there in Transition Land.  You can see October’s newsletter (Mike’s first) here, and the main page, which will be updated with news as and when it arrives here.  If you would like to subscribe to the newsletter, so that it appears miraculously in your email once a month, click here.  Our thanks to Mike for providing this wonderful service.  If you want anything to go in November’s newsletter, please email your stories and news to Mike.

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28 Oct 5:08pm

Can I recommend “Transitioneers” – instead of “Transitionistas”?

I know; picky picky. It’s just a good rule in diplomacy – don’t piss your opponents off, if you don’t have to. They’ll stop listening.

Graham Burnett
28 Oct 8:33pm

I thought we didn’t have ‘opponents’ in the Transition paradigm 😉

28 Oct 10:24pm

Graham- Exactly! “in” – no! certainly not! – outside, though, I could find you a couple, badly in need of being brought into the light. 🙂