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5 Jan 2009

Transition Culture: back, bigger, and needing your help

Since it was launched, Transition Culture has grown its readership rapidly. Until recently it was hosted by the wonderful Oxford-based LumpyLemon, but in the weeks running up to Christmas, the scale of the traffic we have been generating led to their server crashing on several occasions (as you may have noticed). It reached a stage where they could no longer host a site of our size, and so we have had to move home, to a more commercial server. As a result, this site, which has no financial income or support, is now having to pay £20 a month just to exist, and so I’d like to invite your support.

We looked at various ‘green’ servers, that promised their energy came from renewables and so on, but all the ones we found were still too small to host a site of this size.  We are now hosted my MediaLayer, who seem to be good so far, they came recommended.

I hope you have found this site to be stimulating and useful, inspiring and informative, and that it is something you would like to ensure remains in place.  I have steadfastly refused offers of advertising, and have similarly refused to link any mention of books to Amazon, so that you know what is offered here is unsullied by any commercial considerations.  As a result, the growth of this site places a financial burden on me which I would very much appreciate your help in shouldering.

By using the button above, you can donate anything from £5 to whatever feels appropriate… any surplus means I can add extra features or pay people to transcribe interviews and that kind of thing, or just hold it in reserve to cover this charge for the forseeable future …. anyway, thanks for any help, and for your ongoing support of Transition Culture.

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Peter Bralesford
5 Jan 9:52am

I hope you find my small donation useful. I look forward to reading future articles!

Josef Davies-Coates
5 Jan 10:13am

A site this size?

May I ask what your stats are? i.e. how much hard drive space are you taking up and how much bandwidth do you use a month?

I could probably find you a friendly geek with spare capacity who’d be up for hosting your site for free! 🙂

You can get a dedicated server with 50gb space and 1000gb/month bandwidth for about £45/month which I’m guessing is much more than twice what you’re using up?

Steve Atkins
5 Jan 10:44am

Did you try looking at this 100% green energy hosting company?
Costs £70 per annum (including the domain name).

Somebody else suggested the following:
They use tree planting to carbon offset their impact.

Bob Thorp
5 Jan 11:54am

I don’t mind if you’re sullied by commercial considerations so long as that commercial consideration is also ethical, sustainable, pointing towards positive transition etc. In fact some of the commercial links on some sites are actually useful and valid. Amazon which now includes Abebooks is a pretty good market place for sellers and buyers of second-hand, out of print and rare books which is rather nice I think.

Bob Thorp
5 Jan 11:56am

And I’ve just noticed you have a shop on this site! Oh, but it does not sell anything so that’s OK?

andrew ramponi
6 Jan 1:01pm

I agree with Bob, appropriate ads would not necessarily be a detraction from the sites quality. Since money in some quantity is pretty much a necessity, why should honest commercial considerations be bad?

Josef Davies-Coates
6 Jan 1:20pm

I also agree with Bob.

I wouldn’t mind you linking to books on amazon at all, nor would I mind ads/ethical affilate links for people like Abel and Cole/ The Phone Co-op etc. 🙂

Still like to hear what your stats are too though 🙂

Graham Burnett
6 Jan 2:38pm

Bob said; “And I’ve just noticed you have a shop on this site! Oh, but it does not sell anything so that’s OK?”

maybe Rob could affiliate to the aforementioned ??? (:

Josef Davies-Coates
6 Jan 2:54pm

Graham: hehe, yes, shops that don’t sell anything are the type of shop we like at Extra Ethical! 🙂

(I say we, really its my mate Oli who set it up, but I’ve help out with ideas and stuff 🙂 )

Bob Thorp
6 Jan 2:56pm

Graham – i liked your link, made me laugh out loud, cheers. I also found this link through to green books, where they are selling this book:

Josef Davies-Coates
6 Jan 2:59pm

And Green Books have their own affiliate scheme too.

Rob: at the very least you should join that, surely?

Linnea Rowlatt
6 Jan 4:03pm


I’m a little sad that someone (the author of this site) who has made a clear anti-consumerist statement with the choice of material for his site is already under attack for it. Isn’t it interesting how vast social forces (ie: consumer capitalism) are expressed by individuals who think they’re expressing their own independent opinion?

I myself know very well how to get to Amazon, Abebooks or any other vendor on my own, and don’t need links on every webpage I visit. I encourage the author of Transition Culture to uphold his principles as long as he chooses to, and to recognize the forces that are being expressed in the comments above.


Graham Burnett
6 Jan 7:08pm

Also Permanent Publications/Green Shopping catalogue??

Graham Burnett
7 Jan 9:49am

Who is ‘attacking’ Rob/Transition Culture, Linnea, and what are the ‘forces’ that he should be recognising? Nowhere on this thread do I see any postings that are critical, aggressive, confrontational or combative (which is what I understand by the word ‘attack’). That is, apart from your remarks about ‘individuals who think they are expressing their own independent opinions’, which in turn made me ‘a little sad’.

What I see is a few practical suggestions, mainly from regular posters who have been consistently supportive of Transition Towns and this website, and are indeed TT activists themselves, that Rob may or may not find helpful in circumventing the current financial challenges the site is facing, and that he is free to take on board or not take on board as he sees fit, combined with a little levity and banter, ie, that maybe he should affiliate his shop that doesn’t sell anything with a spoof ‘ethical consumption’ website who’se message is ‘buy nothing’…

Bob Thorp
7 Jan 11:57am

Hi Linnea

Thanks for stereotyping me so acurately after only a few brief lines.

I’m now looking forward to the handmade Transition Handbook, printed on handmade rag paper – hold it – written on parchment with illuminated lettering and woodcut diagrams.

Until then I’ll make do with the ten word processed, machine made copies I bought (to give away)from the 17,000 (proud boast of Green Books!) first print run (Darwin’s “On the Origin..” only got 1,250 first run!). And meeting with others outside the local tavern to hear the town cryer read out Rob’s latest blog, or may be it will be sent round the country by travelling minstrels….


Steve Atkins
7 Jan 12:18pm

er, happy new year everyone!…

9 Jan 12:42am

Thanks to everyone who sent in donations.. much appreciated, should be enough to keep us going until this time next year, so until then, thanks so much your generous support.