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6 Jan 2009

Wondermentalist/Matt Harvey Telling Transition Tales

A few days before Christmas in Totnes, the monthly Wondermentalist Cabaret shifted its poetic gaze towards Transition…. host and local poet-in-residence Matt Harvey has been making a short film for the BBC about Transition, and so part of the show featured his thoughts on it for the programme.  You can hear it using the ‘Traydioplayer’ below. His set also included his rather good Christmas poem.

For any of you who know my good lady wife, you will hear her rather distinctive laugh through most of the recording! Part of the evening also included a part where the audience wrote different lines about Totnes in 2030, which were then assembled into the evening’s group poem, which you can hear Matt reading here.

This was, in part, in preparation for the event being run by TTT and Wondermentalist on January 17th.  This will be a Transition Tales-writing workshop, writing material that will then be used in a Transition-themed Wondermentalist Cabaret that evening…. do come, as you will be able to tell from the podcasts above, it should be a fantastic day.  Contact the TTT office if you’d like to come (01803 867358).

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