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14 Jan 2009

Fourth World Review: a Transition Journal

John Papworth’s journal Fourth World Review (4WR) has recently undergone a shift in emphasis, and finds itself under new management and dedicating its focus to Transition.  It has become, in effect, the Transition Journal, offering weightier articles than you might find, for example, here at Transition Culture (ie. no articles about UFOs or handbags), creating a very welcome addition to the world of Transition-related publishing.  4WR is under the very capable editorship of Jon Hughes.  The most recent edition contains excellent articles, by luminaries such as Kirkpatrick Sale, Peter North and others.  It is essential reading, and will be published every 2 months.

4WR is available at a considerable discount for local Transition initiatives.  This offers the opportunity both to keep people up to speed with latest thinking, as well as for your group to make some money selling it at events.  For a minimum six editions a year, you can order five copies of each edition for £30 per year, or 10 copies for £50.  You can contact Jon at hughes.jon (at) for more information.  Also, if you have ideas for articles or contents do let him know.  Jon is offering a free ‘taster’ copy of the latest edition to anyone who contacts him, so do get in touch, you can’t say any fairer than that.

Fourth World Review have created an excellent resource here, its long term success will depend on our support, so take it to your heart and make it your own!  Like many such publications, people taking out subscriptions is vital to their long term thriving, so you could do a lot worse than to subscribe to 4WR, the 2 editions I have seen so far were thought-provoking and fascinating, and I was still carrying it around days later dipping into it, which is always a good sign.

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Graham Burnett
14 Jan 6:35pm

Hi Rob is there a link? When i googled I came up with Jack Kirby’s 4th World Omnibus and got sidetracked by that…

Bob Thorp
15 Jan 1:02pm

Found this site and email contact, which I’ve emailed – keep you posted.

Mike Grenville
15 Jan 4:13pm

I understand that a new website is being built to replace the old one mentioned above.

for more information conatct:
hughes.jon (at)

Bob Thorp
22 Jan 7:36am

4WR arrived yesterday and I dived in hoping for a repeat of the excitement that came with the Transition Handbook. No such luck. Transition could use a journal that conducts the kind of intellectual exploration and analysis that is really only possible in print and this may be the acorn. I hope it is, I’m going to subscribe and support its development but it has a long way to go if it is to become a positive, inspirational, fun source of transition knowledge and discourse. It also needs to better reflect the values and concepts that underpin Transition – tacking “and the Transition Movement” at the end of its declaration is not enough.

Helen Dew
5 Mar 10:04pm

I’m delighted that information about the revamped Fourth World Review is now available on the web!

Since taking on the New Zealand distributorship of FWR several years ago the number of subscribers has grown steadily. Now, with the Transition focus, I’m anticpating a surge of new enquiries.

Email me at if you’d like a conplimentary copy – supplies of the first two issues (147 & 148) are still available.

LIBROTRADE Periodical Import
24 Mar 7:27am

We are a e periodical subscription aency in Hungary and one of our l customers is interested in the 2009 subscription to Fourth World Review
Please inform us about the subscription price, including the shipping cost to Hungary.
Your urgent reply would be much requested. Thank you.

Helen Dew
26 Mar 11:11am

Many thanks for your subscription enquiry. I’ve passed your message on to FWR editor Jon Hughes as I assume it would be more practical for the journal to be mailed from the UK than from New Zealand.
If you’d like Jon’s phone # email me at helend (at)