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9 Mar 2009

Matt Harvey’s Transition Piece now online

Many of you enjoyed Matt Harvey’s piece about Transition that was on BBC South West recently, but a good few people outside the UK complained they were unable to see it on the iPlayer.  So here it is, recently uploaded onto YouTube, featuring me looking quite unnecessarily smart…  I hope you enjoy it….

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9 Mar 12:42pm

Thanks so much, Rob. Loved it.

helen - matlock
9 Mar 7:39pm

wonderful – does Matt travel well? or are there more transition comics and poets who could do a live touring show?

if any want to come up to Transition Matlock they would be most welcome – watching this refreshed me after a very bad day trying to explain peak oil to some in denial…

if ony i had comic talent to make it more easily digested

thanks for sharing this


Jim Newcomer
10 Mar 5:31pm

This is a wonderful aid in reaching out to local group in Portland, Oregon in the USA. We have decided to approach the city-scale organization through the 95 neighborhood associations, which already exist with city support. This film will provide an entrancing introduction for those of us enrolling neighborhood leaders. Thanks.

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