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8 Apr 2009

Taking a Few Days Break

HU029912There will be no posts at Transition Culture for 7 days, as I am taking some much-needed time off for Easter holiday family time and for some sleep catch-up.  The last few weeks have been too hectic, if one could collect ‘train miles’ as one collects ‘air miles’, and if one could then trade them in for micro-renewables (now there’s an idea), I would have about half my roof covered with photovoltaics by now.  Plan to spend days on the beach with the kids, visit family, read David Holmgren’s new book Energy Futures,  listen to the great Go Team! CD I just picked up, plant out my peas and get some more muck in for the raised beds.  Normal (?!) service will be resumed here on Friday 17th April.

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8 Apr 11:12am

Love the concept of train miles – lets get it going! Anyone got the right contacts to get this started? Surely it’s the future of Air Miles?

[…] added an interesting post on Taking a Few Days BreakHere’s a small excerptThere will be no posts at Transition Culture for 7 days, as I am taking some much-needed time off for Easter holiday family time and for some sleep […]

9 Apr 9:47pm

A week without Transition Culture!!!
Lets take this as an opportunity to post our own news, ideas and questions on the website
Have a good break Rob, I have a lovely vision of you on the beach in a pair of Bermuda shorts!

Graham Burnett
10 Apr 11:22am

So, Rob, let me get this straight – you are taking some much needed time off and for relaxation plan to read Holmgren’s new book… How does that work then???

Graham Burnett
10 Apr 1:11pm

Then again I’m a fine one to talk with Paul Stammets’ ‘Mycellium Running’ as my current bedtime reading…

Sheena R
13 Apr 3:09pm

Calm down with the train miles! Train travel uses oil too – diesel, or cheap/dirty electricity… travelling less is surely the aim??

Ben Brangwyn
14 Apr 9:59am

Don’t shred Rob for using the train a lot. The growth of transition concepts is significantly due to his tireless efforts to engage people across the UK and beyond, much of which involves travel.

He doesn’t fly, preferring to send dvd’s instead, doesn’t have a car, recycles everything, insulates his home, collects rainwater, cycles when he can, shops locally for what he can’t grow and inspires many people with his jovial thriftiness.

He probably crochetted his own easter eggs this weekend too!

14 Apr 10:27am

I’m new to this – LOVE the vison of a green and peaceful non-fossil future – but I am getting older – and I just wonder – is there a place for oldies in the vision? I notice all the people in the photos are 20-35. I probably missed it, but – what do we do about disease, complications in childbirth, pain and chronic suffering? – I KNOW we have no alternative to a change in living standard, I just wondered if there is a plan? Who knows the old remedies of pre-industrial times and takes care of the ailing?

Adam Grubb
20 Apr 5:07am

Hi Rob

There’s a good review of Future Scenarios by John-Paul Flintoff at the Times Online:

I was really glad to see it get such a good review and summary in mainstream press.