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21 May 2009

The Powerdown Show: brilliant, and now available

The Cultivate Centre in Dublin have just produced a fabulous resource that all Transition groups will find invaluable, the Powerdown Show. This series of 10 20 minute programmes explore many aspects of the Transition movement in a humorous, accessible and inspiring way. Those interviewed in the series include George Monbiot, Paul Allen, Richard Douthwaite, Megan Bachman Quinn, Daniel Lerch, Duncan Stewart, myself and many more. Episode 8 is called ‘Transition Towns and Energy Descent Pathways’ and you can now see it online as a taster for the wonders this DVD contains….

If you enjoyed that, you’re going to love the rest of them… The Powerdown Show is now available in its entirety here at Transition Culture.  Click here for more information.  It is a brilliant resource for groups.  Each episode is a standalone programme, illustrated with examples.  The series also contains lots of excellent animated sequences, which make it very accessible.  Highly, highly recommended.

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Cristiano Bottone
21 May 8:14am

Great 🙂

Chris Johnstone
21 May 10:14am

I love this, I think it excellent.

Steve Atkins
21 May 10:25am

very excellent

22 May 12:41am

This looks great!
I look forward to using this DVD
for listening practice (& awareness raising)
in my high school English classes in Tokyo.
Also of course in Transition Town Koganei events.

By the way, I wanted to order 2 DVDs (one for a friend) but the online order form seemed to only allow 1 item to be ordered at one time.
So I made 2 seperate orders of 1 item each. To save your airmail postage cost you
can send the 2 DVDs in one package to the same address (Paul Shepherd in Tokyo)if you like.

Thanks, Paul