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22 May 2009

Off to the Transition Network conference

battersea-arts-centre1Am off this morning to London for the Transition Network Conference 2009, which is going to be fantastic.  For those of you not coming, there are several ways you can keep in touch with what’s happening.  There is the premiere of the film ‘In Transition’ of course, which you can see online here at 1.45pm (UK time) on Saturday.  After the film you can send in your feedback and comments, some of which will be read out at Battersea.  Carl Munson at Transition Radio will be regularly uploading podcasts from the event, which you will be able to follow here.   There will also be a selection of bloggers sharing their thoughts and experiences here at Transition Culture.  Combined, it should be almost as good as being there.  For those of you who are coming from Transition initiatives with projects, Ben Metz from Ashoka would love to chat with you while you are there.  You’ll be able to track him down at the Ashoka stall.  See you there!

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22 May 10:00am

Will this film be available to watch again AFTER the premiere showing?

Matt Walker
22 May 10:30am

A comment by “Stephen Lark” to the post on 4th May about the “In Transition” on-line premiere, gave a link to a World Clock – to show the times of the premiere around the world. But this was based on the wrongly advertised “GMT”. The UK is currently in daylight savings, or British Summer Time (BST) – 1 hour ahead of GMT. So the times around the world are an hour EARLIER than previously indicated. Here is a link to a modified World Clock based on the accurate timing of 1:45pm BST (current UK time).

22 May 1:02pm

Matt I love you

22 May 7:38pm

Yes, there has been some confusion about whether the online broadcast of IN TRANSITION will be at 1:45pm GMT or 1:45pm BST. I told my friends in Japan to log on both at 1:45pm GMT (+ 9 hours)& 1:45pm BST (+ 8 hours) just to make sure to catch the broadcast. Now it seems pretty clear the broadcast will be at 1:45pm BST (+ 8 hours for us in Japan). Thanks, Paul