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22 May 2009

My Conference – Miranda from Ecomotion is back again. . .

Miranda Vaughan Jones

Day one kicks off with all of the unusual formalities we have come to expect from T.T. – an exercise involving asking strangers how old they are, Ed Miliband being introduced as a keynote listener, and Sophy setting the scene with her seductive sibilance reminiscent of the woman from the M&S adverts.  This is not just a conference…this is a Transition Network conference.

So out come the scissors, pipe cleaners and sticky-back plastic to illustrate (and sculpt, and collage) the achievements of various T.T initiatives from all corners of everywhere.  Following on the Blue Peter theme, homemade cakes brought in by transitioners are consumed with tea in true community cake sale style (without the sale, of course) which sustained the group through the plethora of open space sessions and, hopefully, long into the night.

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23 May 10:55am

You can hear Miranda talking about Ecomotion here:

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