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26 Jan 2010

Transition: what’s it all about?

Andreas Teuchert filmed a series of interviews at the 2009 Transition Network conference, which he edited together around three key questions. Here is the first, the other two are posted below. Thanks Andreas, they turned out really well….

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26 Jan 2010

Visions of Transition

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8 Jan 2010

Dates for the Diary: the 2010 Transition Network conference(s)

The 2009 Transition Network conference at Battersea Arts Centre

The 2009 Transition Network conference at Battersea Arts Centre, pretty much the only point at which everybody sat in rows...

Lots of people have been asking for the date of the 2010 Transition Network conference, so here we go.  The good news for 2010 is that there will be not one but two UK Transition conferences!  The first will be held at Michael Hall School near Forest Row in Sussex on the 29th, 30th and 31st May 2010.  The theme of the conference will be ‘Broadening’, taking the Transition approach wider and deeper.  Being based near Forest Row, one of the earliest UK Transition initiatives, gives the opportunity to experience first-hand the amazing local food systems already in place there.  The second conference will be in Scotland, hosted by Transition Scotland Support, later in the year (s0metime October/November). The theme for that will be ‘Deepening’, and dates are to be confirmed.  More information, such as times, accommodation, prices and so on, will be made available soon.  Watch this space or the Transition Network website.

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27 Jul 2009

Ed Miliband Muses on his Experience as a ‘Keynote Listener’ at the Transition Network conference

millFollowing UK Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change Ed Miliband’s appearance at the Transition Network conference as a ‘Keynote Listener’, we invited him to write a few words to sum up this thoughts on the experience.  Unfortunately it came in just a day too late to make the latest, and rather wonderful, Transition Network newsletter, (if you don’t get it you can subscribe here), but it is very interesting.  See below;

“Dear Friends

I’ve never been a “keynote listener” before – it’s probably not something that politicians tend to do. So my first experience of it was when I attended the Transition Towns conference and, going table to table to hear what people were discussing, learnt about the movement and what people want me to do in government to help.

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6 Jul 2009

Transition Network conference 2009 Film and Writeups

conference-100Many of you I’m sure still recall the 2009 Transition Network conference with a warm fuzzy glowing feeling, but whether you attended the actual event or not, here are a couple of links you will find useful.  Firstly, there is a short film about the conference made by Positive TV which is rather good fun, filmed on the first day and including Ed Milliband, lots of people Open Spacing, and me arriving late.  Also, thanks to Ben burning the midnight oil, we are delighted to present writeups of most of the workshop sessions (with huge thanks to all the scribes) and also photos of the notes taken during the Open Space sessions.

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