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22 Jun 2009

Transition Network Seeks a Web Manager

conductorTransition Network is seeking someone who can carry out the job set out in this Job Description, orchestrating the development and implementation of Transition Network’s new, and rather wonderful, web strategy. We envisage a marriage between process and technology to create the mechanisms for transitioners to connect, share energy and information, and get/give support.  In the words of one of the attendees of the Web strategy presentation at our recent conference “That’s the best web strategy I’ve seen since I first got involved in the internet and software in 1994”. Take a look at the recommendations above and see if you agree. CV’s and resumes please to benbrangwyn[AT]transitionnetwork[DOT]org by 8-Jul-09 please, with a covering letter to say what you like (or don’t!) about the recommendations.  Thanks.

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17 Jun 2009

Mary-Jayne Rust on the ‘Resilience of the Heart’

Aha!  A picture of Mary-Jayne giving her talk!  Thanks to Mike G....

Aha! A picture of Mary-Jayne giving her talk! Thanks to Mike G....

Mary Jayne Rust is an ecopsychologist and psychotherapist.  At the 2009 Transition Network conference ‘Transition Everywhere’ event, she gave a talk called ‘Resilience of the Heart.  It set out to address the following;

Crisis has the potential to transform our hearts. This is a great gift. What might help us to be open hearted and resilient as we live through testing times? How do we build inner resilience, as well as resilient communities, so that we can endure and resolve conflict? What are the steps we need to take to find a different way of relating to ourselves, to each other and to the earth?”

You can download the pdf. of the entire talk here.  Many thanks to Mary Jayne for the talk and for permission to post it here.

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1 Jun 2009

The Potential Role of Transition Explored in the Observer’s ‘New Politics’ series

buntingBeyond Westminster’s bankrupted practices, a new idealism is emerging: Progressive politics will take root from the rubble of a Labour defeat. The Transition movement is giving us a glimpse now. Madeleine Bunting. The Observer. Sunday 31 May 2009

Here is a fascinating piece from yesterday’s Observer, about Transition in the context of what is happening to politics in the UK.  Very interesting, and it is refreshing to read something by someone who has really done their homework about Transition.

“Something remarkable has happened. Politics has ­become entirely unpredictable. Suddenly all manner of political reform is back on the table, a new urgency has been infused into tired debates about political ­disengagement and apathy, and radical reforms are being proposed to reinvigorate the hollowing out of political institutions.

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27 May 2009

To Plan for Emergency, or Not? Heinberg and Hopkins debate

robrichardAt the Transition Network conference, Richard Heinberg gave an online presentation looking at the concept of Emergency Planning for Communities, something he initially unveiled at Findhorn last year.  You can see his presentation here.  For a while now, Richard and I have been discussing the tension between longer term planning for resilience and the more immediate and pressing responses demanded by sudden and rapid change.  It is still an ongoing discussion, but we thought now, with Richard’s presentation, it would be a good time to open up the conversation for your thoughts.  What follows is the series of email exchanges we have had since late last year.

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26 May 2009

Rob’s Second Transition Network 2009 Conference Post

bac5Well.  I’m home now, after the exhilarating, exhausting, bedazzling and wondrous 3 days that has been the 2009 Transition Network conference at the Battersea Arts Centre (BAC).  What a great three days it has been.  The amazing organising team, Jo, Steph and Sim (see left), Kristen and Asha, as well as the wonderful BAC team, made the event a smooth-running success, with the various events fitting together beautifully, and with amazing food.  Others have been blogging giving their thoughts on the event, so I am just going to add a few thoughts and observations of my own.

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