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25 May 2009

My Conference – Ciaran from Bristol

crashcoursedvdIt all started so well. . . . then I lost Peter Lipman’s unique copy of the Chris Masterson Crash Course DVD. If you’ve seen it somewhere, let me know and I’ll buy dinner. If Pete ever forgives me I hope to still run the extra workshop running after the football/softball session.

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26 May 6:36pm

Hi Ciaran from Bristol
Dunk from Barcelona here, you probably know but in case you dont, the complete crash course can be viewed and or copied from youtube online at

6 Jul 7:39pm

There is an interesting talk happening on a popular political blog in ireland ( about whether or not peak oil is or is not upon us. I have given links to the crash course in hope that it helps a few people

Please join in on the discussion if you feel inclined, it is started by one of the transition town yaughal group (near cork)