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10 Sep 2009

Needed: Volunteer Transcriber(s) for ‘In Transition’

movie1As already mentioned here, in December, after a couple of months of just public screenings, the DVD version of ‘In Transition’ will be released.  We have had many requests from around the world for the DVD version to have subtitles in a number of languages, and many people have already volunteered to do that.  In order to proceed, we need someone (or a team of people) to produce a transcript of the film that they can work from.  Would anyone out there like to volunteer to do this?  Your name(s) would of course appear in the credits, and you’d have the pleasure of being able to watch the film all to yourself (albeit very slowly!).  If you would like to, please contact me at robjhopkins (at)  Thanks!

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10 Sep 9:54am

We are already doing this job for the Italian version and we’ll have soon the timing on an .srt file (timing is probably the most annoying part of the job), I’ll send it to Rob when ready.

I’d like to suggest to adopt for the future a platform like (I know this one that TED uses for the open translation project, but there might be others out there on the web).

10 Sep 9:57pm

Do you still need a Dutch translator? I’d happily volunteer.

11 Sep 7:29am

Dear all,
Thanks for your response to this. We now have the people we need…