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10 Sep 2009

The Unleashing of Transition Langport

langportHere is a great short film from the Unleashing of Transition Town Langport on April 4th 2009. As many of you will know, an Unleashing is a big public event which launches the Transition initiatives in question. Langport chose a different route to the big-public-event-with-speakers model that most places have used so far. The film provides a very useful document of day. Thanks to Transition Town Langport for making this, and for making it available, we need more like this. Transition Langport also benefit from having the best graphic designer of any Transition initiative that I have yet seen!

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10 Sep 11:05pm

Thank you for sharing this. It was very encouraging for me to see all those people, sensing the atmosphere of community and hope. We’re trying to set something up here (in Wayland, MA, USA) and the going is so slow. Seeing a video like this makes me realize it’s possible!