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17 Nov 2009

‘Transition in the East’: a brilliant look at what’s rising in the East of England

east1Last Saturday, in spite of the atrocious weather, 55 people from 19 Transition initiatives across the east of England gathered in Diss in Norfolk for the second meeting of Transition East.  Transition East is made up of Transition groups in Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex.  In honour of the event, Charlotte Du Cann and Josiah Meldrum pulled together a really quite extraordinary document, “Transition in the East: co-operation, collaboration, support and influence”, which you can download here. It offers an extraordinary insight into what is happening there, the range of groups and what they are up to.  It also includes a brilliant section on ‘Troubleshooting’, or as they put it, “everything you wanted to know about Transition but were too correct to ask…”, which looks at some of the common problems they are running into.  It is an exemplary look at the spread of Transition on a regional scale.

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Mary-Jayne Rust
19 Nov 7:10am

I’ve just had a quick look at your document and I want to applaud you on your honesty. It’s very refreshing indeed. We will get nowhere if we do not admit where we are, and what the difficulties are within transition initiatives. After all, isn’t this edge exactly where we learn? Thank you very much, I’m sure this will be an invaluable piece of writing to many.
Mary-Jayne Rust.

[…] had a look at the recently published document ‘”Transition in the East” on the Transition Culture website which gives a quick update on all the transition initiatives, and then speaks in a refreshingly […]

Finn Jackson
21 Nov 11:42am

Thanks for this.

Paradoxically the section of the document that I found most heartening was “Transition Troubleshooting”, dealing with the ‘problems’ that groups are facing.

I/we face exactly the same issues here in Farnham. But instead of making me feel worse, I realised that “It’s not me — it’s just the way things are.” So the best thing to do is to keep moving.

[…] just had a look at the recently published document ‘”Transition in the East” on the Transition Culture website. After a quick update on local transition initiatives, there follows a refreshingly […]