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20 Nov 2009

An Event in Totnes for Transition Oral History Buffs

how we used to live posterHow We Used To Live – Food, energy, skills, and elbow-grease: memories of a pre-oil Totnes.

How did Totnes feed, heat and transport itself before the age of globalisation and cheap energy? What did a local food system look like to those who depended on it? Two generations have passed with no first-hand knowledge of living with much less energy than we expect today. This event, illustrated with images from Totnes and District Image Bank presented by Barrington Weekes, and introduced by Rob Hopkins of Transition Town Totnes, will introduce you to the first hand stories of life growing up in the 1940s and 50s, where central heating was unknown and most food was, by necessity, local, through the memories of those who were there. This fascinating and illuminating evening will leave you seeing the town in a very different way.

Wednesday 25th November. Totnes Methodist Church. 8pm. £4 (£3 concessions). Totnes Pounds welcome.

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Mari Shackell
22 Nov 2:49pm

Whitstable Museum (East Kent) had a “Make-do and Mend” exhibition last year which was supported by Transition Town Whitstable.
Many people from the town contributed memories, stories and exhibits from everyday life in the 40s and 50s and the event was very popular and interesting.
The local bookshop also did quite a good trade in selling make-do and mend books similar in style to those which were around during those times.