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19 Nov 2009

‘Transition Norwich: a Fine City in Transition’ – 2009 Survey Findings

norwichHot on the heels of her excellent 2009 Transition Network survey, Gill Seyfang of UEA is back, this time with a similarly excellent and comprehensive survey of Transition Norwich.  You can download the pdf. of her survey here.  The findings Gill notes are very interesting, such as how a third of the members have not previously been engaged in local environmental groups, and a further sixth have been motivated to return to local activism by the Transition movement. The survey finds that members are attracted by the positive, hopeful message of Transition, emphasising grassroots empowerment, local solutions and constructive action rather than protesting or campaigning. Like yesterday’s report from Transition East, the section on troubleshooting is fascinating.  The most alarming part of the survey was to hear that only 17% of people involved with Transition Norwich have ever read Transition Culture.  Dear oh dear, what’s a man to do….

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19 Nov 4:19pm

I find it strange too. Alot of people who say they are into transition never look at this website.

Dave Dann
20 Nov 9:28am

I don’t see why one person’s blog should be so important. Maybe people are more interested in what is happening in their garden?

Deborah Kaplan
20 Nov 11:33am

And then there are people like me, who live in faraway in Denmark – not involved in a Transition Movement -(but active in activities that are very much aligned) who are avid readers.

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T. B.
23 Nov 2:12am

“The most alarming part of the survey was to hear that only 17% of people involved with Transition Norwich have ever read Transition Culture.”

Well, one way to look at that finding is that there’s less of a burden on your shoulders.

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