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22 Nov 2009

The Mayor of Lambeth Goes on a Brixton Pound Spending Spree

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Ben Brangwyn
24 Nov 12:40am

Brixton rocks! You guys do the most amazing events and projects and awareness-raising activities.



Jane Buttigieg
24 Nov 2:02pm

What a fantastic video! Well done Brixton! What was really good to see was the variety of businesses including shops and market stalls that were using this currency. Transition Brixton must have done so much hard work.
And I love the Mayor! The fact that he is going round thanking people for using the Brixton pound is fantastic…he obviously loves good food…and I just loved his digs at the supermarkets too!

Simon Woolf
15 Dec 12:59pm


We will be shooting a short film about christmas shopping with the Brixton Pound, check in a few days time to see it!

Simon Woolf
Brixton Pound