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25 Nov 2009

My TED Talk, now online

Here, finally, is the TED talk I gave in Oxford earlier this year. Probably the most nervousness-enducing talk I have ever given. I hope you find it useful.

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25 Nov 11:30pm

Well done! I shared it on reddit, it’s a great introduction into the transition concepts.

Cristiano Bottone
26 Nov 12:04am

This wasn’t easy Rob, That stage must be very scaring, but you did a great job, bravo. We will add Italian subtitles as soon as possible.

26 Nov 12:43am

Brilliant Rob

Marcus Perrin
26 Nov 12:46am

Great stuff Rob!

Heather Formaini
26 Nov 4:44am

Thanks so much for this talk. I have just listened and watched – another keynote listener – as I prepare myself to wirte an introduction to a new transition town (we hope) in the inner west of Sydney, Australia.

Janet Millington and Vicki Ferekos have facilitated our training as tt facilitators.

Leslee Lewis
26 Nov 6:22am

Terrific! I will use it in the Transition Perspectives film series I am planning! (and you did great, I think – covered all the bases, really clear, and at warp speed!… Well done!

Paula Kovacs
26 Nov 11:12am

Thank you

26 Nov 12:11pm

I thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for your TED talk, Rob. It was very reassuring to me. You have truth and love coming out of your skin, it seems to me.

Also check out Amy Seidl’s book “Early Spring.” And her new work is all about adaptation.

Mr X Stitch
27 Nov 7:59am

Good work Rob. No easy task giving a TED talk yet I suspect yours was one of the more realistic talks of the day. Great stuff, we’re proud of you! ūüôā

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Vinnie mc cann
27 Nov 11:08am

Thanks Rob and well done, very well put together clear and very informative, even for those who have been living Transition, should get a lot out of this , it refreshed me and brought me back to the essence of transition.


27 Nov 9:31pm

Very inspiring. Thank you.

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Thanks, well done, very well put together clear and very informative, always with a positive sound! It refreshed me and brought me back to the essence of transition. We start, Why wait, change now. In the Netherlands we also have a great amount of TT initiatives, it’s so great to feel connected with the other TT-Keep up the great work, and thanx for sharing. We’ll translate this also in Dutch ….

Godelieve Engbersen
The Netherlands, Transition Town Tilburg (i.o.)

Peter Bralesford
29 Nov 6:38pm

A huge wealth of excellent points made – brilliantly done. One point that, if I may, I would like to add is that of efficiency.

As it is now, the whole way that our socio-economic model works is horribly inefficient. Eight percent of working-age citizens in the UK are unemployed, our cars are waste three-quarters of the energy we pump into them, our power stations are throwing over one thousand kilowatts of useful heat out of their cooling towers every second… all products of a bloated, badly designed, unjust system – and one which isn’t going to work for much longer.

29 Nov 9:40pm

Thanks all….

Robin Harford
30 Nov 7:23pm

Rob… nervous? I thought your presentation went flawlessly.

Paul Templeton
1 Dec 7:26pm

Hear, hear Rob. My own private “sermons” would benefit greatly from the knowledge and speaking style that you obviously have in spades. I’m ecstatic that I can share your speech with everyone I know and let your words (hopefully) convince them where mine have failed. THANK YOU.

Ben Boyd
2 Dec 5:00am

Al Gore* eat your heart out. This is the stuff of real solutions.. and in a way that feeds the heart, mind and soul.

*No offense to Mr Gore but this goes WAY beyond switching a cfl for a lightbulb as a path to sustainability.

2 Dec 6:21pm

You didn’t appear nervous at all! Not only did you do a great job, but the presentation itself was well organized, inspiring, and hopeful.

You’ve laid out a time-line to change the world!

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