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2 Dec 2009

Celebrating Winning the 2009 Green Community Hero Award!

rob EST award shrunkJust heard the other day that I won the 2009 Energy Saving Trust/Guardian ‘Green Community Hero’ award, for which I am hugely grateful.  There is a big spread about it in today’s Guardian, and the award itself arrived in the post on Monday, a very nice piece of handmade glass. A big thanks to everyone who nominated and voted for me.  Once again I must say that this is actually an award for everyone out there doing Transition in communities around the world.  Although these kind of things have my name written on them, they are really an acknowledgement of the incredible work the wider movement is doing.  Well done all!rob EST award 2

Here is a picture of some of the Transition Network crew, clearly high on the very posh chocolates that Rudy Dhont from Transition in Flanders recently brought us as a visiting-Totnes-present, celebrating the award.  Shortly after this photo was taken we did a lap of honour around Totnes, the award clasped above our heads, in the pouring rain.  Apart from me, from left to right it is Ben Brangwyn, Steph Bradley and Jo Coish.  Thanks also go to Peter North of Transition South Liverpool and author of the forthcoming ‘Local Money’, who kindly attended the award ceremony last week and recieved the award on behalf of myself (I was on the train back from Austria).

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Eva Bakkeslett
2 Dec 3:22pm

Well done!! Small steps of Transition initiatives in Norway too, but a bit slow moving in the land of petroapathy. Best, Eva

2 Dec 3:43pm


2 Dec 5:38pm

Thumbs up!:-)

Cristiano, il tuo blog e’ fermo al 25….. e non cercare scuse..:-)

Steve Atkins
2 Dec 5:54pm

I’ve just walked down to our village shop with the largest umbrella i could find, through the horizontal rain.

There was one remaining copy of The Guardian, I also picked up a big bar of chocolate and tea bags. Alan (the shop owner) has heard of the Totnes pound, he said “people buy our local newspaper to find out who’s died”. Ha ha!… This presents an opportunity to recycle our local newspapers into cardboard coffins.

Got home, sat down to read the article – gone to fridge, nearly ran out of milk (only had 17p left in my pocket after being tempted by the chocolate).

Congrats Rob… double pager!!

Steve Atkins
2 Dec 6:05pm

The recycled hair shirt looks a bit itchy

2 Dec 6:14pm

Yes, it chafes something dreadful….

Steve Atkins
2 Dec 7:10pm

Xmas is approaching, and I’ve been looking for recycled hair Y-fronts to go with slugskin trousers. Reckon they must be very popular as I can’t find them anywhere…

adrienne campbell
2 Dec 11:32pm

congratulations Rob. You deserve it. We deserve it. I’ve just come back from a Forum meeting of the Transition Town Lewes groups and there’s a heartbeat here, in rhythm with other transition groups around the world.

3 Dec 12:03am

reminds me of an idea I had for a transition fashion show…. : )

Steve Atkins
3 Dec 2:01pm

Is a ‘Transition Fashion Show’ on the cards?? !!… that would be hilarious!

3 Dec 8:44pm

congratulations Rob and a great talk at Narberth

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6 Dec 11:32pm

Anyone thinking about organising a Transition Fashion Show should be sure to get in touch with the people at Ethical Fashion Forum 🙂